The brand

Good morning,

My name is Chloé, I am originally from the Bordeaux region and have lived there for…almost always!

Sewing has been part of my life since childhood, upholstery since 2018 following a professional retraining. During all these years, I have worked with so many fabrics… and accumulated so many scraps. Impossible for me not to value them.

This is how MoneSi was born, a brand of bags and accessories, inspired by my grandmother. In its image and beyond the brand, MoneSi is a universe that I see as chic, elegant, timeless, but always enhanced with a touch of fluorescent or qui-brille to bring a fun and offbeat touch.

The bags and accessories offered are therefore made by me, in my workshop near Bordeaux, from scrap fabrics and / or carefully selected fabrics and materials: a clever balance between quality of the raw material and a reasoned - reasonable supply .

The quantities offered for the same model will often be limited and sometimes even unique. The creations may also vary very slightly from each other depending on scraps and supplies.

I welcome you here and have a nice stroll in the MoneSi universe!

Chloe D.